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Bjarke Felbo

Today we're stoked to announce that we're launching a $100k grant for open-source web games! 🥳

Indie game developers and web devs can now receive a grant to make an open-source multiplayer game using JavaScript / TypeScript. With these grants, we hope to support indie devs wanting to make awesome games and dramatically boost the open-source web game ecosystem!

Rune will award two kinds of grants to indie game devs who make an open-source multiplayer web game:

  • Spark grants of $500 awarded to promising indie game devs
  • Ignite grants of $5000 awarded to devs proven themselves with a Spark grant

Awardees will also get featured on this blog, in the Rune app and on social media. We think it's a win-win for everyone:

  • New exciting multiplayer games on Rune
  • Interesting open-source code that others can learn from
  • Free money and recognition for talented indie devs

Check out the grants page for eligibility, application process, and all the details! We're so excited to see all the amazing open-source games that you will make!