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Rune SDK

Make multiplayer games that reach a community of millions.

Mobile multiplayer

Building a game is fun, but having tons of people actually playing it makes everything twice as fun. Rune makes it easy to make multiplayer HTML5 games for mobile reaching million of players!


Rune has messaging and voice chat so players can hang out together and talk about your game.

Fast & Reliable

Our predict-rollback netcode updates clients immediately and the server resolves any conflicts.


We pay for servers, voice chat, and everything else. It's 100% free to launch your game on Rune.

// Example action
kickBall: ({ direction, speed }, { game }) => {
game.ballPosition = game.ballPosition + (direction * speed)

if (scoredGoal(game.ballPosition)) {

It's super easy

Write your game logic as actions using the expressiveness and simplicity of JavaScript. Your game client can be built in any framework that works on the web such as React, Svelte, Vue, Phaser, PixiJS, PlayCanvas, Unity, or Godot.

We solve the difficult and boring parts like networking, server hosting, user accounts, voice chat, etc. so that you can focus on the game logic. Just upload your game and Rune will do the rest...