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Simulating Multiplayer

The Rune SDK works with common development tools like Vite, Webpack, and Create React App. When you open the URL provided by your build tool, you should see your multiplayer game running inside a mock Rune app.

To simulate the multiplayer experience during development, Rune runs many instances of your game side-by-side in the Dev UI. Here you can emulate network latency, game restarts, etc.

Run on Your Phone

You can also test your game on your phone. Just connect to the URL provided by your development tool and you'll see the Dev UI for testing the multiplayer experience. You can also test how your game works on a phone by using Chrome Developer Tools.

The Rune community will be playing your game in the Rune app as an actual multiplayer experience. You can playtest your game with friends in the Rune app while it's still a draft / in review. See Testing in the Rune App for more info.

In case you want other devs to help you playtest your game, you can upload your game to get a playtest link that you can share with them. This link will show the Dev UI so they can simulate multiplayer themselves and try out potential edge cases. The link will work even before the game has been reviewed.