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Player Info

You'll often want to show each player’s name and avatar inside your game. Here's how you do it.

Players Object

Info about the players is captured by a players object, which has an ID for each player as the key and an object with e.g. displayName as the value. These IDs are unique and randomly generated for each game. The players are organized in the players object in no particular order.

Here’s the values for each player:

  • displayName: string
  • avatarUrl: string
  • playerId: string (same as key, just provided for simplicity)


Using avatars is a great way to personalize the UI to show whose turn it is or in a leaderboard. Since the avatar is loaded over the network there might be a slight delay during which you might want to display a placeholder – and we got you covered!

Avatar placeholder

Right click and select download either as SVG or PNG.

Your Player ID

In the onChange function the client will always get their player ID as well as yourPlayerId. This can be used to find their own info in the players object.

Importantly, yourPlayerId will be undefined if they themselves are a spectator!