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CLI Reference

For a smooth development experience use the rune CLI in your terminal.


npm install -g rune-games-cli

Requires Node.js version 14.17 or above.


rune create

Creates a new example game using Vite template.

rune create
# or
rune create my-game

Follow instructions on the terminal to run the game in mock Rune app. The interface is identical to the one described in Simulating Multiplayer.

rune upload

Uploads your game to Rune for publishing, see Publishing Your Game for more info.

cd my-game && rune upload
# or
rune upload my-game

This command will log you in using your email (if it's the first time) and then guide you through the game upload process. If you want to upload a new version of your game, just run the command again.

rune list

Displays a list of your games on Rune.

rune update-info

Update your game's info such as title, description or game preview.

rune update-members

Update the team for your game (e.g. adding a new team member), see Collaboration for more info.

rune logout

Log out from the CLI.

rune help

Displays help text.