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Supported Games

You can make any game that follows the overall game guidelines and server-side logic guidelines. Rune takes care of netcode, servers, voice chat, matchmaking, and much more. You just focus on your game.

Examples of Supported Games

  • Tic Tac Toe, Chess, Connect Four, Battleships, and other board games
  • 8 Ball Pool, Golf Around!, Football Tactics & Glory, and other turn-based sports games
  • Crosswords, Sudoku, and other co-op games with simultaneous playing
  • Catan, Yahtzee, Monopoly and other strategy games with randomness
  • Pet Simulator, Powerwash Simulator, The Game of Life, and other simulation games
  • Worms World Party, Bowmasters, and other physics-based games
  • Codenames, Guess Who, Werewolf, and other party games
  • SimCity, Age of Empires, Tetris, Plants vs. Zombies and other strategy games
  • Cookie Clicker, Egg Inc, Tap Titans, and other idle games
  • Snake, Bomberman, Pac-Man, and other fast-paced arcade games

These are just some examples to give you an idea. Pretty much any multiplayer game is possible with Rune!


We have a lot of exciting things in the pipeline to make your game even more awesome and fun to play together. Some highlights of what will be available in the future:

  • Networked 3D physics

We're also continuously optimizing the SDK and expanding our server presence so that your players get a smoother experience with less CPU usage and lower latency!